Hi Dr. Winter. I’d just like to thank you for taking such good care of my wife Darlene this week. You provided unbelievably fast service. We couldn’t believe you were able to take of her needs so efficiently. We feel blessed to have you as our dentist. Thank you again for our care.
Don B.

I highly recommend Dr Sam Winter. No one enjoys going to the dentist, but from the moment you enter Dr Winter’s dental office, his entire staff make it a pleasant fantastic experience. Dr Winter is very knowledgeable and is v patient answering all questions and taking the time to explain everything. He is very professional, proficient and kind. I completely trusted that I was in good hands and would receive excellent service. The entire staff are professional yet personable, friendly, and courteous. The very welcoming and positive environment is felt from the moment I entered the office. Dr Winter is amazing and his staff are outstanding. I will definitely continue recommending Dr Sam Winters!
Nahla Hopfe

Dr Sam is such an amazing dentist! What a pleasure it was to have someone of his talent and expertise work on my teeth. He and the dental assistant made me feel very comfortable and relax, something I never experience during a dental appointment. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his work and makes you feel at ease. Our conversations were natural and enjoyable, it didn’t even feel like a dentist visit because I had so much fun; and I left with the biggest, brightest smile ever! Thank you Dr Sam!
Nova Stevens

I was a patient of Dr. Winters from the age of about 12 until well into my 20s. I moved from Vancouver and had to find a new dentist. I wanted to let Dr. Winter know that over the years (I’m 50 now) all the dentists I have been to have marvelled over the work they see in my mouth. I still have some fillings from when I was a child. I mean every dentist has commented on the amazing work. Thank you Dr. Winter!
C. Wade

Dr Sam really has an eye for what suits you, but he is also modest, kind and will never sell you products or services you don’t need. I trust him and his staff with my teeth and had him do my cleaning and fine tuning before one of the biggest undertakings of my life – Miss Universe Canada 2014! Thank you Dr Sam Winter and team!
Lavanya Hiremath, contender for Miss Universe Canada 2014

In addition to Dr. Winter’s professional approach to dentistry, he provides a safe and listening response to all questions you might have concerning the procedure or materials used in your visit. If I am unclear about what he is about to do, or I would like a little more peace of mind before proceeding, he makes absolutely sure you are informed and feel comfortable before he begins. Even at my age of 73, I still feel a little scared when I first sit in the dental chair. So, his taking this time to settle me into an understanding, clearing any doubts or fears is a wonderful gift and service. I am grateful as you would be as well.
Matthew Smith

Thanks to Dr. Winter for the amazing care and service. You made my day! I’ll be sure to visit your office more regularly from now on.
Patient testimonial

It’s such a refreshing change to be in the hands of dental professionals who obviously genuinely care about the welfare of their patients.
Patient testimonial

I am so glad to have found such a great dentist! His quiet sense of humour puts me at ease.
Patient testimonial

Dr. Winter has an amazingly gentle touch. I always feel he has lots of time and doesn’t hurry.
Patient testimonial

I had my first appointment with Dr. Winter for a regular cleaning this morning, and I just want to say there was nothing “regular” about the appointment at all. It was by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had.
Patient testimonial

Dr. Winter is a great dentist! And I would know I have had work done by at least a dozen dentists… (I’ve moved a lot and had major major dental work done.) When I first moved to Vancouver my husband and I selected him because of how he came across on his website as being a “gentle” dentist and being very conscious about offering great dental care. I have needed more serious dental work done (many many crowns and root canals) so I was referred to UBC by a specialist, but I still come to Dr. Winter when I need some general dentistry.

This past weekend I had some excruciating pain in a lower molar that had an infection and it was causing problems with my bite being too high so it was suggested I get it taken out. The Dr.’s I see at UBC were not available this week and I could not wait any longer. Dr. Winter’s staff remembered me and my husband and said they’d see what they could do and got me in right away.

I really have to thank them for saving me. I was in so much pain I could not even chew on the opposite side of my mouth there was so much inflammation and infection that caused shooting and lasting pain. I asked them if I could get the tooth extracted as it was going to be very very costly to save and it was already causing problems with my bite and proving difficult to keep a crown on. (The other work I need done is already very costly so I did not want to add to the pile.)

I was done in 30 minutes after freezing and having the tooth extracted. Dr. Winter wanted to make sure I was very numb and comfortable and gave me extra freezing when I asked. The ladies that work with him are great too. They are very friendly and everyone works well together as a whole team. I like that the office is small and close knit, and not a giant sprawling office with tons of dentists and dental hygienists who treat you like a number.

My husband just went last week for a cleaning and was very happy with it as well. Dr. Winter was happy he was taking such good care of his teeth, but noticed my husband was probably over cleaning and using mouthwash more often than he should. So he gave him some suggestions to keep his teeth in good condition without overdoing it.

If I had any general dental needs I would gladly return to Dr. Winter. I will probably still see him for cleanings and checkups once my other extensive work is done at UBC, even though I’ve recently moved to Surrey. I can’t thank him and his team enough for being so kind to me today and saving me from so much pain. It was really nice that they remembered me even though I hadn’t been in almost a year after a general consultation. Dentist visits can sometimes be very unpleasant, but not with Dr. Winter. It’s really nice to feel taken care of and he and his team add that special personal touch with having a smaller dental practice.
Veronica D.