When to go to the dentist

Should I go to the dentist even if nothing hurts?

Yes, defnitely. Routine dental visits do for your teeth what routine maintenance does for your car. Would you leave the oil level in your car unchecked and oil not changed until your motor stopped? Of course not. Tune-ups for your car keep it running more efficiently and reliably.

The same is true for your mouth and teeth. With routine dental visits, you will be less likely to experience pain or broken teeth. Scheduled dental checkups and cleaning not only alert you to problems and wear of your teeth, but also help prevent gum disease. Gum disease or gingivitis breaks down the connection between your teeth and jaws, and also releases toxins into your blood stream, which leads to heart problems.

Broken and rotten black teeth not only cause pain but are very ugly. Most people with broken or black front teeth don’t smile or even talk to friends comfortably. Regular dental visits and small fillings will save you this embarrassment, and pain.

Everyone is reluctant to visit a dentist. Either fear of pain or fear of paying the bill could keep you away. But most people don’t let these fears stand in the way of good oral health. If you can’t overcome these fears, tell your dentist so that you can get a small anti-anxiety pill before your visit. In most cases, the type and dosage that the dentist will give you won’t make you feel drugged, but it will be enough to relieve your anxiety. This drug is the same that your doctor would give you if you told him you were afraid of flying. It will relieve your anxiety but still not interfere with your ability to deal with the airport and check in

Seeing your dentist twice a year will become a normal habit with very little stress after you have done it several times. After you’ve had your teeth scaled and cleaned once, the next six-month cleaning is much easier on you and the hygienist. And once all of your teeth are restored, very little will need to be done for many years. So after a regular cleaning and checkup you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your mouth and teeth are healthy and clean.

Dental insurance goes a long way to relieve the stress of paying the bill. Some dentists will even deal directly with the insurance company. That way you are not out of pocket, unless the insurance doesn’t cover the whole fee, in which case you have to pay the difference.

A dental visit can be as routine an experience as a visit to the hair dresser.