Dr Winter’s diagnostic equipment is all digital x-ray. For his work as a dentist, this allows him to take diagnostic x-rays with the absolute least amount of radiation — about 90% less than the amount required by x-ray film used by other dentists. He also has a dental panoramic system. This machine creates an image of the upper and lower jaws including teeth. The picture is taken from outside the mouth in seconds, and uses only the same amount of radiation as two digital inside the mouth x-rays.

Inside the mouth, x-rays are still needed to detect tooth decay because of angle of view, and other technical considerations. However he only needs to take two, and occasionally up to six, depending on the size and shape of your mouth.

Digital diagnostic x-rays are both kind to the patient and the environment. The extremely low dose of radiation and short time needed increases patient safety and comfort. No chemicals are used to process the images, and there is no packaging to dispose of – as there would be with film use.


Exams allow the dentist to evaluate the current condition of your teeth and gums to ensure that any subtle changes and potential problems are detected. Xrays enable Dr. Winter to determine if there are any problems not immediately visible. Read more about the oral health problems health problems we can detect.



Dr. Winter employs two dental hygenists. They provide periodontal care of your gums and thorough cleaning.

The hygenists will show you special techniques for excellent oral hygiene and health that you can do at home.


Dr. Winter specializes in metal-free fillings. He will replace old fillings with new white ones that closely match the colour of your teeth. Read more about composite, glass and porcelain fillings.

Teeth grinding

As many as 25 % of people clench or grind their teeth while they are sleeping. If grinding is a problem for you, the dentist will create a personalized mouthguard to wear while you’re sleeping.

Discoloured teeth

Our whitening procedures include creating a mould of your teeth and providing you with a solution to quickly and easily whiten your teeth at home.

Chipped teeth

Dr. Winter is skilled in the application of bonding or porcelain veneers. He will apply a permanent enamel-like compound to your teeth to dramatically improve the appearance of your mouth. Read more about bonding.


Teeth filled with many old fillings can be replaced with crowns that strengthen and improve their appearance. Read more about crowns.


If you are missing one or several teeth, the dentist can create a bridge of natural-looking replacement teeth to fill the gap. The procedure includes building crowns on the teeth to either side of the gap and attaching one or more replacements to the crowns. Read more about bridges and dentures


Implants are an alternative to bridges and are often recommended when a tooth is missing. Dr. Winter will arrange for an oral surgeon to surgically implant a metal anchor in your jawbone, after which Dr. Winter will complete the work as a dentist by attaching a replacement tooth that looks and feels natural. Read more about implants.